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Van Rooy-FBT bvba bvba has commissioned APTS to test 10 foundation piles. Because all the piles to be tested are work piles (piles that later become part of the foundation system), a DLT test method (Dynamic Load Test) was chosen for this project. During the execution of such a test, a relatively high load is introduced with an individual vertical or sloping deep foundation unit with an axial impact on the pile head. This force and the speed response of the pole are recorded. The data obtained in this way provides important information about the load-bearing capacity of a specific pile. APTS has already carried out such axial DLT tests with a load range of 10 to 750 tons.

The drop weight and height are adjusted to a specific post. Hereby the present pile configuration and its estimated bearing capacity are taken into account. The DLT test method is mainly applied to work piles and is applicable to all occurring pile types, even if they are installed on the water (canals / rivers / at sea). The reliability of the test results can be considerably increased if the test results can be correlated to an SLT test (Static Load Test).

Axial DLT compression tests are also performed on work piles in this specific project. The net load capacity (Rc; net; d) of these specific piles is around 700 and 1000 kN per post. Due to the fact that after testing all these piles will be part of the foundation, the test load of these piles is limited to one and a half times the net budgeted load capacity, which amounts to 1050 and 1500 kN.

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