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  • Residential care center in Mechelen

    Van Rooy-FBT bvba bvba has commissioned APTS to test 10 foundation piles. Because all the piles to be tested are work piles (piles that later become part of the foundation system), a DLT test method (Dynamic Load Test) was chosen for this project. During the execution of such a test, a relatively high load is introduced with an individual vertical or sloping deep foundation unit with an axial impact on the pile head. This force and the speed response of the pole are recorded. The data obtained in this way provides important information about the load-bearing capacity of a specific pile. APTS has already carried out such axial DLT tests with a load range of 10 to 750 tons.

  • Static pile load tests HES Hartel Tank Terminal Rotterdam

    The HES Hartel Tank Terminal on the Hartelstrook in the port of Rotterdam is a tank terminal in development. Parent company HES International is a very experienced player in the field of storage and transshipment of (wet) bulk goods and is developing this tank terminal for the storage and transshipment of oil products and biofuels on the Hartel Strip, on the south side of the Mississippi harbor on the Maasvlakte.

    54 tanks with a capacity of approximately 1.3 million m3 will be built on the 27-hectare site. The tanks vary in size from 5,000 to 50,000 m3 and are suitable for storing various products.

  • RLT pile tests Shimizu / Mitsui Factory in Geleen

    Commissioned by Mitsui Chemicals Group, Shimizu Corporation Netherlands Branch is building a new plastic production facility for the automotive industry at Chemiepark Chemelot in Geleen, the Netherlands. The construction of this plant helps to further limit global greenhouse gas emissions. There is an intense demand from the automotive industry for lightweight solutions based on polypropylene plastic materials. In this way, the weight of cars is reduced and this has a positive effect on fuel consumption, the range of electric cars, and therefore also on CO2 emissions. This contributes to making car use more sustainable.

  • Rapid Load Tests Eneco Utrecht

    APTS BV has accepted the assignment from De Vries en Verburg Bouw bv from Stolwijk to carry out Rapid Load Test (RLT) test loads class C for the project "Expansion Eneco at the Atoomweg in Utrecht".

    The test piles are standard concrete mortar screw piles. The diameters used are Ø300 and Ø400. The pile point levels range from -13.00 m1 NAP to -8.00 m1 NAP. The piles were manufactured by Jacbo Nederland bv from Oosterhout.

  • Static pile tests Audi Brussels

    Namens König GmbH uit Stade, Duitsland, heeft APTS, in samenwerking met GSNED B.V. uit Terneuzen, in september 2018 statische paalproeven uitgevoerd op 4 palen voor het project "Pile foundation works BRX-AP4" in Brussel, België.

    De paaltest werden uitgevoerd om het draagvermogen van de funderingspalen te bevestigen of om de stijfheid van de palen te verifiëren. Tijdens de paalproeven werden de palen belast tot de respectieve karakteristieke (werk) belasting.

  • Load tests at Loppersum

    The prediction of the seismic behavior of wooden piles with concrete extensions is currently a major uncertainty in an earthquake area. In the meantime, a number of studies have been carried out by the Knowledge Team of Safe Housing Center (Centrum voor Veilig Wonen).

  • DC Appelweg Moerdijk

    APTS has carried out three static pile tests on behalf of Heembouw Roelofarendsveen bv. By means of a test frame on blocks and 1.2x the maximum test weight, the test pile is subjected to the load, determined in advance, through a hydraulic pump in steps.

  • Static pile tests Terneuzen

    At our test site at Rooseveltlaan 8 in Terneuzen, static test loads of various pile systems have been carried out for the purpose of determining the distribution of payload disposal shaft versus point. The aim of this research is to gain insight into the bearing capacity of the pile tip and pile shaft of the pilot pile / test piles.

    Three Fundex grout injection piles, 3 Fundex piles and 3 Olivier piles (for Verhoef Funderingstechnieken) have been tested, fully instrumented. The Fundex piles are foundation piles of the type Fundex / Fundex-GI with a pile diameter of 460mm and pile tip diameter of 560mm. In the case of the Olivier piles, it was a pile diameter of 310mm and a pile point of 460mm. The Fundex piles were roughly 20m long and the Olivierpalen about 9m.

    All tested piles are also acoustically measured.

  • Spoorbypass Mechelen


    Mechelen station is a major public transport interchange in the south of the province of Antwerp and the north of the province of Flemish Brabant. In order to improve the mobility issues of the Mechelen region 2 extra tracks (bypass) are constructed. Due to the rail bypass the station will receive two extra tracks, being 11 and 12, on the Arsenaal side. The tracks will be used primarily for the high-speed train (160 km/h), but also for the Diabolo (new airport connection) and the Gewestelijk Expresnet (optimization connection to Brussels).

  • Galecopperbrug Utrecht (A12)

    In the period 2013 to 2015 Rijkswaterstaat will renovate the Galecopperbridge, a part of the A12 near Utrecht. The Galecopperbridge is one of the 14 bridges within the project "Renovatie Bruggen". Like many other steel bridges from the 70s shows the Galecopperbrug fatigue. Like many other steel bridges from the 70s shows the Galecopperbridge symptoms of fatigue. Moreover, there is more traffic now than anticipated during the development and also the freight traffic has become heavier. With the renovation of the Galecopperbridge the vertical clearance for shipping at the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal also increases. Ships are getting bigger and carry more containers. In time, the entire route between the Rhine and Amsterdam must be made suitable for vessels with a maximum height of 9.10 meter, which allows four layers of containers to be transported. For this reason the Galecopperbridge is raised a few dozen centimeters.