DC Appelweg Moerdijk

APTS has carried out three static pile tests on behalf of Heembouw Roelofarendsveen bv. By means of a test frame on blocks and 1.2x the maximum test weight, the test pile is subjected to the load, determined in advance, through a hydraulic pump in steps.

Vibro piles for the main construction and Vibrocom piles for the floor fields were used for this project. Both variants were tested by means of axial static compression tests and carried out using ICE Sperwall 3rd edition, chapters B- and C17.

In addition, BMNED has accepted the assignment from Heembouw Roelofsarendsveen bv to draw up a foundation advice for the "DC Appelweg Moerdijk" project. In addition, a settlement prediction was carried out by BMNED.

Facts & Figures

  • APTS
  • Heembouw

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