About APTS

APTS is an independent, internationally operating agency active in the areas of quality control during installation and testing of foundation elements.

APTS was founded in September of 2010 by Acécon and IFCO and acted under the tradename AnkerPaalTestServices until January 2012. In January 2012 an alliance was formed with BMNED / GSNED. For both AnkerPaalTestServices as well as BMNED / GSNED this meant an expansion of the service package and the name of the partnership was renamed to All Piles Testing Services. Nowadays this joint venture tests all kinds of foundation piles and anchors by means of failure tests, eligibility and verification tests, both static and dynamic as well as statnamic.

The executing parties within APTS have, prior to the founding of APTS, established many years of active experience in the area of test loads. This makes APTS to a strong partner which brings together all interlocking aspects on test loads, performance monitoring, analysis of the load-displacement behavior and reporting.

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