Rapid Load Test equipment (Pseudo-Static Load Tester)

The bearing capacity of foundation piles can be tested in various ways, namely dynamic, static and pseudo-static. For the latter, APTS uses an impressive machine, a so-called 'PSLT machine' (pseudo-static load tester).

This unique, 65-ton machine was built for an American customer in the Netherlands by FMD Oostburg (Fundex Materieeldienst Oostburg). Recently this PSLT machine was brought back to Europe and fully reconditioned by FMD Oostburg. In contrast to the statnamic test machine that APTS also has at its disposal, the foundation piles can be tested with the PSLT machine without the use of explosives. This then happens because the machine can drop a weight of no less than 25 tons from different heights onto the foundation pile. The enormous hits that this produces are measured with high-speed cameras and all kinds of sensors that are attached to the foundation pile under test.

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