Tensile strength test

APTS also carries out all kinds of tensile strength tests. In these tests, piles / anchors can be tested for their (designed) tensile strength.

Above the pile to be tested, a set-up is realized from which the reaction force can be derived. Auxiliary piles can be used here, or for example grout anchors. The tensile load is applied to the frame by means of a jack on a jack seat, the magnitude of the load being delivered being electronically measured with a pressure box. The displacement of the pile head / anchor and point can be measured regularly using an accuracy leveling device or dial indicators. The posts can also be instrumented by installing strain gauges and tension meters at various depths.

As a rule, 6 to 8 equivalent load stages are applied up to the maximum (collapse) value, whereby only the force and displacement of the pile head are measured and registered (electronically). If the test piles are instrumented, it is possible to measure and record the forces and displacements at deeper levels and, based on the data obtained, pile class factors can be assigned and / or adjusted during the design of a pile foundation.

APTS can supply the necessary equipment and instrumentation for the tensile strength tests and can provide and / or supervise the execution and implementaton of the tests. The reporting and the associated interpretation can of course also be provided.

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